Co-app building

Co-app building is an applied research project launched on February 2016 by Elisavet Hasa, Stelios Minotakis & Constantina Theodorou.Our aim is to elaborate a long-term proposal for reclaiming quality of housing and housing  as a right in the center of Athens by working on  alternative ownership patterns that will result in tangible, realistic outcomes. First thoughts on the project started through our collaboration, since 2014, as members of Koino Athina, in action research on urban commons.

Through case study in the neighborhoods of the center of Athens and using natural and internet tools of participation, we have  come up with the idea of a ‘common land bank’ as a stock for the future remediation of the urban quality of life in Athens. We look into the possibilities of transition to a different model of ownership and the terms on which this could be achieved, as an urban defense amid the changes in ownership and the redistribution of land which are taking place as a result of the crisis. A system of redistribution in the direction of collective ownership is being explored. In collaboration with groups and initiatives across Europe, we examine the legal framework, improvising on existing examples of collective management and decommodification of urban space.


The project participates in the 15th International Architecture Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia as part of the Greek Pavilion #ThisIsACo-op


Domestic Realities, Polykatoikia, Politics of Habitat,  Urban Block/ Urban grid, Collective Ownership, Antiparochi Revisited, Social Inclusion, Public Realm, Participatory Mapping, Co-housing practices, Workers co-operatives, Glocal Networks, Common Sources, Time-sharing, Co-app Platform, In-crisis Financial Alternatives, Architectural Interventions, Open Process, Alternative Law Framework, Legal Innovation, Administration protocols, General Assembly, Non-profit Ownership,  Decentralized International Networks, Self-organization, Autonomy, Social Engineering, Ecological Housing, Housing as a Right,  Relocalization of Economy
Community Land Bank


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