A collection of articles, theory and research work about Athens and  urbanization around the world


“Towards a N A R R A T I V E  Urbanism”

Constantina Theodorou is an Athens-based architect-urban researcher with studies on film-directing and PhD candidate on Urbanism, Dept. of Architecture NTUA.
Her work combines theoretical analyses on urbanism with narrative practices implemented on the urban field in the center of Athens.
Her PhD research explores emerging territorial assemblages of geology-infrastructure-politics, beyond state-centric organized spatial hierarchies- in the context of planetary urbanization and climate change.
Parallel to academic research & urban planning projects, she is engaged with performative/ narrative practices in the urban space (walking lectures, video-performances, reactivation of urban paces) with collaborations among others with Greek Film Center, Athens-Epidaurus Festival, Ministry of Culture, Venice Biennale of Architecture 2016.

She has been a member of the editorial committee of the periodical issue  Architektones of the Greek Architects Association, of artistic collective Kolektiva Omonia  and Green Park’s cultural occupation. She is a  member of INURA network and a founding member of  the research groups Koino athina, on urban commons and  CoHab Athens, for the introduction of collective-cooperative housing models in Greece.
She is the editor of Omonia Diary and City Issue .