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LECTURES | presentations / conferences/ walking lectures/

2017 -Invited talk, Athens: “Abandoned property, commons and the Right to the City” panel, part of the lecture series Re_learning with Athens, Kassel University, Kassel

– Presentation at the session “Collective forms of housing & ownership: Experiences & Aftermaths” UNIVERSSE, 4th European Social Solidarity Economy Congress, Athens

-“Rewiring Athens through Patterns of Collective Housing”,  presentation for MA Program of the Technical University of Munich Athens: New Urban Scenarios, at Rick Lowe’s project space Victoria square project , Documenta 14, Athens

– “Pleasures of Failure”, walking lecture as part of the program “In spite of everything: Stubborn returns and Urban Afterlives” organized by Gigi Argyropoulou for Sanja Ivekovic’s Monument to Rosa Luxemburg, Documenta 14, Athens

2016– “Cheap & Empty. The particularity of Athenian Housing crisis” presentation at the 4-days workshop Co-housing practices/ Inventing Prototypes for Athens  co-organised by Co-Hab Athens, Nethood, Inura Zurich & INURA Athens as part of the Greek participation in the 15th International Architecture Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia, Greek Pavilion, Giardini, Venice

-Presentation of Co-Hab Athens project at Mazi workshop, INURA conference, Bucharest

-«Athens:  a shrinking city?”, presentation at Project AKINITO panel, Concept/ organized by Sophia Dona, Athens Biennale OMONIA, Athens

-» The re-utilisation of the existing  urban housing deposit» , Presentation on the panel Preservation or Demolition?, organized by G. Hatzistergiou , Technical Chamber of Greece, Athens

2015 – «Carry Coals to Newcastle: On Politics of Public Spaces in Times of Crisis» with Gigi Argyropoulou and Constantina Theodorou, Stadtgespräch. Metropolitan Perspectives #15, Stadtkuratorin Hamburg , Hamburg

-«Institutions, Politics and the Crisis 2», round-table discussion with Panos Charalabous, Evi Prousali, Adam Szymczyk, Constantina Theodorou, Myrsini Zorba at Institutions, Politics, Performance International Conference, Green Park, Athens

«Athens: The Institution of Failures or How the the failure of State becomes the State of Things», walking tour,  Institutions, Politics, Performance  International Conference , organised by Gigi Argyropoulou & Hypatia Vourloumis, 24-28th September 2015, Green park Athens

«Implications of open urban data on the social production of space and urban land policies», HYBRID CITY 3 -Data to The People International conference , Athens

-«Plans for the regeneration of the city centre» field trip with Evangelia Chatzikonstantinou, Constantina Theodorou, Loukas Triantis & Kostas Vourekas, 25th Inura Conference, Athens

Looking abroad – Homo universalis as a responsibility», Book presentation The earth is shakin written by G. Hatzistergiou, Monetary museum, Athens

«Our relationship to Green- Omonia», Lecture during the 10-days reactivation program of Green Park, Athens

«The challenge of time for artistic collectives engaged in urban space reactivation. The case of Athens», presentation during the  «Rencontres Art-Politiques» program, organized by Gongle, Main d’ Oeuvres, Paris

«How to handle with the preservation issue in terms of a functional integration in the city life», Will we preserve what is to be preserved? panel, organized by IEKEM TEE, Lecture Hall TEE, Athens (video in greek)

2014- «The Myth of Green»,  presentation at the panel Collective Imaginaries and visions for the cityUrban Myths session, organized by KOINO athina, Panepistimiou 64, Athens

«Collective lessons of survival based on international experience. The after -foreclosures case of North-American cities«, panel The imbalanced threat against Housing, organized by IEKEM TEE (Technical Chamber of Greece), Lecture Hall of TEE, Athens

2013   «Remnants of Ciam/ Rethink-Relaunch Athens «, Lecture on the last stop of On board-Charter 2013-Athens project, curated by Sophia Dona, Camp, Athens

«Relaunch Athens – The interventions in Athens right now», round table The center of Athens Now, Embros Theater, Athens

 «Omonia Diary»,  presentation at the round table Qualities of habitat  and nowadays urban environment, organized by SADAS-PEA, Athens’ Municipal Gallery

2008  «Eleonas Area- the brownfields of Athens», presentation  for Unbuilt program, Byzantine Museum, Athens

PUBLICATIONS | articles/catalogues

2017 – “The autoroute state and the geeks empire. Beyond centralities –political structures of the planetary urbanization”, Decentralized Urbanism, MONU, Vol. 26, 2017

2016 –“Is Athens a shrinking city?”, catalogue of the Greek participation #ThisIsACo-op in the 15th International Architecture Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia

“Common Domesticity in Athens”, with Elisavet Hasa & Stelios Minotakis, #ThisIsACo-op catalogue of the Greek participation in the 15th International Architecture Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia

2015- «Implications of open urban data on the social production of space and urban land policies»,  HYBRID CITY 3- Data to The People International conference proceedings

«The shifting Public Space», Public Domain, catalogue curated by Giorgos Papadatos & Artemis Potamianou, Lo and Behold edition

2014  » Adopted Public spaces. The effects on public life»,  Architektones, vol.11

2013   «The new paradigm- The American cities or the after of foreclosures», Architektones, vol. 08

«Omonia Diary», Architektones, vol.  01

2010 – «Athens-Gerani CCR- 2010» booklet,  project by Sarcha, YPEKA


Performatives | scripts/ performance-lectures

2017 “Afterlives“, outdoors urban performance and talks by MKultra, curating: Gigi Argyropoulou, directing: Peader Kirk &  Gigi Argyropoulou, research- dramaturgy: Constantina Theodorou, Athens- Epidaurus Festival 2017, Athens

2014 – «The Sun will Burn us», text-video -performance , Slow Festival, curated by Maria Tsigara, Panepistimiou 64, Athens

2013Omonia 1980, outdoors performance based on  Y. Ioannou book, co-directing with V. Noulas, performer Sotiris Tsakomidis,  Omonia Square, Athens

«Omonia Diary- The Season of Winter» text- video- performance, 10days festival, Where Are We Now, organized by Kolektiva Omonia, Embros Theatre Athens

2012Henry 5, ça a commencé comme ça, scenography, animation, based on Shakespeare’s  Henry E’,  Le Bouc Sur Le Toit, Avant Rue, Paris

2011 – «Sacrifice»,  one- act theatrical play

2010 «Distance of a Night»,  feature film script, subsidized by the Greek Film Center,»Grafi program 2008″


GROUP PARTICIPATIONS | exhibitions/ performatives/ workshops

2016-“Common Domesticity in Athens” project  with Elisavet Hasa &Stelios Minotakis, participation with  #ThisIsACo-op Greek Pavilion   in the 15th International Architecture Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia, Venice

Interviews, ACTOPOLIS ATHENS // The Soft Power Lectures (2/6), organized by PAT (Temporary Academy of Arts), ACTOPOLIS | The Art of Action, a project of the Goethe-Institut and Urbane Künste Ruhr, Omonia Athens

2015 -«Fast-Track Lighthouse for Rapid Coastal Urbanization», Luminous Flux/ Reflected overlays on locative norms, group exhibition, curated by Campus Novel, Ermoupoli, Syros

-«Artistic Production and economy: inventions», 3-days workshop, co-organised with  Twixt Lab, Penelope Petsini, Alexis Dallas, Io Chaviara, Panos Sklavenitis, Nikos Arvanitis, Circuits + Currents, Athens

Rencontres Art-polique, workshop on arts+ politics organized by Gongle group, Montreuil Paris

2014 SLOW FESΤΙVAL slowness festival production. Curated by Maria Tsigara, Panepistimiou 64, Athens

2013 «The Christmas of Marie Antoinette», installation-action  during the festival Fatni/ (The Crib), organized by Embros Theatre, Embros Theatre, Athens

«Omonia 2012», participation in the exhibition Microgeographies ΙΙ -An accidental Guide to Urban Commoning,   curated by Chariklia Chari, Camp, Ahens

2012 – Offshore project, Filopappou team, Kardamyli, Mani

2009  – «Without Words», experimental video, 4th CrashFest, Thessaloniki

2007 «Circle of Soil», video-art  based on Y. Sinioroglou’s performance,  3rd Athens Video Art Festival, City of Athens’ «Technopolis»

2005 “Satellite of Love”, video-art, 1st Athens Video Art Festival, Thyra Technis, Athens


ARCHITECTURE |  contests / surveys/ workshops

2016  “Co-housing Practices. Inventing prototypes for Athens” 4-days workshop co-organised by Co-Hab Athens, Nethood, Inura Zurich & INURA Athens as part of the greek participation in the 15th International Architecture Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia, Greek Pavilion, Giardini, Venice

Co-Hab Athens, research-project  with Elisavet Hasa & Stelios Minotakis in collaboration with Nethood, AKINITO project and INURA network (ongoing)

2015 – » META- Tensta» with Elisavet Hasa, participation to the Call for Intervention Strategies at Stockholm’s Tensta trans-national neighborhood, Oslo Triennale of Architecture 2016

«Practices of Urban Commons «, action research with Koino Athina, presentation & workshop at Commons Fest 2015, Ktirio Archeologon , Athens

2010-11 – «CCR – ΠKΠ: City Common Resource – Πόλη Kоινός Πόρоς», survey for the Gerani area, central Athens, SARCHA team, under the support of Greek Ministry of Environment

2008 – «Plans for restoration and  accessibility of three archeological sites», 6th  Office for Antiquities, Piraeus

2007 Panhellenic contest for the recreation of Heroes‘ square, Elefsina »
working team: Constantina Theodorou, Vassiliki Mpasiakou, Christos Takos

– «Greek national contest for the Recreation of Salats area, Kilkis «, D. Loukopoulos office, Panhellenic contest first prize

2005- » Greek national contest for the recreation of central pedestrian way, Trikala» -, D. Polychronopoulos’ team,  Panhellenic contest B’ prize